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My Tutoring Story

Hello and welcome to my site.

“The Cool Cat” Tutor’s Story

Thanks for visiting my website. I’d like to take a quick second and introduce myself. My name is Matt “The Cool Cat;” and I’m willing to be your son or daughter’s educational guide – a.k.a. Tutor.

A few of my credentials to show that I’m not just the average Joe down the street who is asking for some side money:

First, I’ve been volunteering with the SSP Foundation for close to a decade (10 years) now. They are a local 50 (c) 3 based in Chandler, Ariz. that works with boys & girls in the S.T.E.M. fields and also helps high school and college students be more successful in school (and in life). I’ve been a mentor to their students — who range in age/grade-level (from K-12 and beyond — and it has been one of the great joys of my life.

I have worked with the S.T.E.M. Robotics programs and also the Scholars program. The Scholars program helps High School students ranging from Freshmen to Seniors start thinking about attending, hot to apply, and how to get accepted to college. We also work out the “How do I pay for this now that I got accepted?” question.

I helped them with some of their summer workshops – especially the English portion. I also helped arrange special guest speakers and more. As for the robotics program, I helped the students work on their presentation skills.

Second, I was accepted by The University of Arizona (UA)’s Graduate College of Education for the Secondary English Education track. And began graduate course studies in 2011-12. My degree for the M. Ed. program is still in progress.

Third, after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree (Journalism) from the UA, I worked for a year as a professional Journalist and editor. I supervised a newsroom and worked on government and education-related stories.

“I will change the World for the better by positively impacting even just one person; even if it’s just in one small way. If I accomplish that, I will consider I have made a difference; and to me, that difference is all that matters.” — Matt “The Cool Cat”

Old Town Scottsdale views
A view of a statue of wild horses mid-gallop. This photo was taken during a Farmer’s Market in the Old Town Scottsdale area of Scottsdale, Ariz. This photo was taken by Matt Lewis (Copyright © – The Gilbert Gumption / 2012).